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Why Shopping Online at Lipsy is so Easy

Lipsy website May 2016There are many reasons why Lipsy has become so popular over recent years. The main of which being the fact that they offer a large selection of high-end designer products made from the finest quality materials, but at high street prices that people can afford. All of this is then brought to you with a cheap, convenient and hassle free way of having the products delivered direct to your door and you can save money if you find a Lipsy promotional discount. (See any voucher code website for the latest promotional codes).

And it’s the latter that seems to be the main thing that sets Lipsy light years ahead of the rest of ladies fashion retailers who offer the same kinds of products. Lipsy seems to be a hybrid of a quality high street fashion retailer and a small boutique. And while there’s absolutely no shortage of online boutiques our there (see http://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/fashion-beauty/the-50-best-online-clothes-shops-8092852.html for a list of 50 of the best), it’s as though the owners of Lipsy have picked out all of the best bits of both worlds, and put them together to create their own unique and highly pleasurable shopping experience.

There are many things that we like about shopping online at Lipsy. The first of which is the simple fact that there are no products which are classed as ‘online exclusives’. This means that regardless of whether you prefer to visit a Lipsy store and make your selections, or choose to buy online, you can guarantee that you’re not missing out on anything because everything available to buy is being displayed both in store as well as online. This is great news as there’s nothing worse than the feeling that you might be getting more of a selection online when you’re spending your birthday money at your local shopping centre. Another great thing is the fact that the prices are the same wherever you choose to shop.


The only real difference in price comes if you wish to shop online and make use of the promotional discount box that you see during the checkout process. You can visit a website like the voucher code website mentioned previously which will display a whole list of current Lipsy promotional codes that you can use to save anywhere between 5% and 20% (and sometimes as much as 70%) on the total cost of your order.

If you do choose to shop online you also get the peace of mind that you will get if you buy something in store that doesn’t quite look right on you or fit properly. Just like in store, if you wish to return an item within 21 days then you are entitled to a full refund providing you have not worn or damaged the product. In fact, Lipsy like to go one step further with their customer service (something that comes from the boutique shopping experience) by offering you a longer period to return your goods. In which case if this is after 21 days then you can still receive a full refund, but this will be in the form of credit that can be spent at a Lipsy store or on lipsy.co.uk as opposed to cash or a card refund.

When shopping online at lipsy.co.uk more often than not you can get absolutely free delivery if you spend more than £75. All you need to do is look on any voucher code website or any other discount code website to find a Lipsy free delivery code, enter it in the promotional discount box during checkout, and away you go. You can also get a 10% discount at Lipsy if you’re a student – something that a lot of fashion retailers do not seem to bother honouring these days.



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